How to properly dispose your sharps

Syringes and needles used in homes and other places like hotels or motels are not defined as medical waste. Therefore, the following practices will help you dispose of them effectively. For your own safety, you should follow these directives to the letter when disposing of your sharps. Also, be cautious when handling needles of any type. Also to note, lancets and needles are non-recyclable and so, they are not part of sharps collection. [Read More]

Vehicles and Equipment Used By a Professional Garbage Removal Team

If you need to dispose of a large amount of industrial garbage, you may need to call in a specialist removal team who have the equipment you need to extract, transport and process the trash. Industrial garbage isn't like household waste, so you should never attempt to deal with it yourself as you will not have access to the equipment and tools needed to manage the job safely. Below is a guide to some of the specialist vehicles and equipment a professional garbage removal team may use. [Read More]