Vehicles and Equipment Used By a Professional Garbage Removal Team

If you need to dispose of a large amount of industrial garbage, you may need to call in a specialist removal team who have the equipment you need to extract, transport and process the trash. Industrial garbage isn't like household waste, so you should never attempt to deal with it yourself as you will not have access to the equipment and tools needed to manage the job safely. Below is a guide to some of the specialist vehicles and equipment a professional garbage removal team may use.


Industrial garbage can be very heavy. It can be so heavy that it will be impossible to lift it without the use of cranes. A garbage removal team may bring in a mint-crane which can be driven around the waste site. This crane will be used to lift heavy chunks of waste onto trucks so it can be taken away to a recycling and disposal centre.


Bobcats are compact and powerful machines which are highly manoeuvrable. This makes them perfect for the job of dealing with industrial waste. A bobcat is typically fitted with a large front loader which can be used to scoop up large quantities of waste. The hydraulic system allows the front-loaded to be lifted up into the air so that any waste can be dumped into a truck or deposited in a different area of the site.


Excavators are capable of digging up large quantities of earth at great speed. This is particularly useful if the industrial waste has been buried in the ground or if pollution has contaminated the soil itself. The earthmoving contractors will use the machine to skillfully remove soil from the site so it can be processed and cleaned. Any soil which can be decontaminated can be used to backfill the holes. However, contaminated soil will need to be transported to a specialist plant.

Trucks and transporters

Large trucks and transporters will be used to transport garbage, waste, and soil from the site. These trucks have the capacity needed to move large quantities of material which means that waste can be disposed of in an efficient manner. The high capacity also reduces the impact on the environment.

If you would like to find out more about the equipment used by an industrial waste and garbage disposal team, you should make contact with a local company. The staff will be happy to offer you further help and advice.