Surprising Times to Consider Hiring a Skip Bin for Cleanup Jobs

A skip bin in a common item to hire when you're renovating your home in any way; they can be used to collect refuse from tearing off an old roof or for when you're tearing down walls inside. However, these are not the only times it can be good to hire a skip bin for a cleanup job around the house; note a few situations which might be made easier by the use of a skip bin.

1. When a child moves out 

When your child is grown and ready to leave home, chances are they may not want to take all their memorabilia and other such items with them. You may want to keep a few for yourself, but other items such as autograph books, old diaries, trophies and ribbons, tattered toys and stuffed animals that can't be given away, clothes that are not fashionable and also not worth donating, and other such items can be tossed in a skip bin. This will keep your trash from being overwhelmed with some of the heavier items and may also encourage your child to purge items they no longer want or need and which are just taking up space.

2. When hosting a big event 

If you're hosting a big event in your home, such as an outdoor wedding or family reunion, you may be overwhelmed with trash throughout the day. Providing disposal plates and utensils can keep you from having to clean and wash all those dishes, but then they can also be too much to add to your regular household trash. After the event, you may need to toss out paper tablecloths, decorations, and other such rubbish. Getting a skip bin throughout the event and to use afterwards can help keep your home neat and clean and avoid this extra mess.

3. After a tag sale

A tag sale can help you get rid of items you've been collecting for years and which you no longer need. However, once that sale is over and you're left with items that didn't sell, why bring them all back into the house? You've already decided that you didn't need them since you put them out for sale, and a skip bin can help you easily toss items that aren't worth donating to a charity, such as old, broken furniture pieces or clothing that is not in good repair. 

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